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Wellness Care, Vaccinations, & Preventative Care

From kittens, to young adults, to mature cats, to the elderly...

all cats should receive regular wellness exams. How frequently should

your cat be checked? That depends on your cat's unique lifestyle.


Kittens are examined more frequently (every few weeks) as they receive

booster vaccinations and are spayed/neutered. Young adults should receive

yearly check-ups. Mature/senior cats and those with underlying medical          problems should be assessed at least every 6 months.  We follow the AAFP            (American Association of Feline Practitioners) and AAHA (American Animal    Hospital Association) guidelines for wellness exams and vaccinations based on    lifestyle and age. 


We will perform a comprehensive physical exam and develop a wellness and

preventative care plan for your individual cat. Keeping our cats healthy also

keeps us healthy - cats can carry diseases and parasites that can sometimes be

passed to people (especially children or people with compromised immune

systems). Prevention is the best medicine! For everyone! 


We take into account:

      *risk factors and screening tests for contagious/infectious diseases

      *vaccine recommendations based on age and lifestyle

      *parasite control & prevention

      *nutritional assessment

      *weight consultation

      *dental evaluation

      * recommendations for appropriate wellness testing

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