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Sometimes our cats need surgery. Whether it's a spay/neuter, dental cleaning, or something unexpected, rest assured that your feline friend is in good hands.  

We don't believe any surgery or anesthetic is "routine" and when we have a patient sedated or under anesthesia, we make sure that our full attention is focused on that patient, and that patient alone.

Each patient is assessed individually, and a sedation/anesthetic protocol is created based on each cat's age, health status, and the procedure being performed. We have a strict pain control program - pain medication is not optional - and believe that every cat deserves to be as comfortable as possible. We routinely use anti-inflammatories, local blocks to numb a surgical area, an IV drip of pain medication, as well as offering therapeutic laser post-op to reduce pain and speed healing, and acupuncture. 

Feline Wellness Center is equipped to provide both routine and advanced soft tissue surgery , as well as some orthopedic surgeries. 


If we are not able to provide the care your cat needs, we will consult with and refer you to a specialist who can. 


Your cat's needs come first! 

Sometimes our cats need surgery.  Whether it's a spay/neuter, a dental cleaning, or an emergency, rest assured that your feline friend is in the best hands.  
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