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  • Dr. Joanna (Bowyer) Spencer

Why come to a feline only vet? Sometimes it's the little things...

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!

Does your vet place a new needle before giving your cat an injection?

Feline Wellness Center does!

Injections are liquids (vaccination, antibiotic, other medications) that must be pulled up from a vial. When the needle goes thru the rubber stopper at the top of the vial to pull up the medication, it dulls the needle. Some medications must be mixed with a fluid first, meaning that needle goes thru at least 2 rubber stoppers before it is even ready for injection.

While that might not seem like a big deal (needles are sharp, right?), it is a big deal for your cat!

Please take a look at the image below of what a new needle looks like under a microscope vs. needles that have been used once, twice, multiple times. Which would you want to be injected with??!!

Feline Wellness Center uses a new, never used needle (we prefer to use the smaller size ones)

to give our patients injections and help reduce pain and inflammation at the injection site.

If in doubt, ask!

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