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Royal Canin food shortage

We have had a lot of clients asking what to do when their regular cat food is unavailable.

Please understand that we do not have any control over this and are having the same issues with supply that you are. We have had foods on order for over six months, and will get a random bag/case from time to time. Because of their supply issues, it has put a strain on alternative food supplies as well.

According to Royal Canin's website:

Please be aware that due to a global supply shortage, some Royal Canin diets may be out of stock at our clinics. We are following advice from Royal Canin and hope that the shortage won’t last too long. Please visit to see the latest updates regarding the availability of Royal Canin products.

If you are unable to source a certain diet for your pet, please contact us on 8369 3111 and our staff can advise you of the best alternative.

Feline Wellness Center is doing the best we can and ordering as we can to help keep your cats on their regular diet.

Dr. Joanna

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