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While patients with active symptoms (fever, sneeze, cough)

are the primary means of infection, there is concern that transmission of COVID-19 can occur from an infected person before they show clinical signs. For this reason, we are considering any person as a potentially infected person.

In order to protect you, our staff, our families, and to continue to provide veterinary care to those cats in need, the current policy is effective immediately:

1. All exams/surgeries will be dealt with on a curbside check in/check out basis.

We are limiting the foot traffic inside the clinic to essential staff only.

2. Due to shortages of surgery supplies (surgery masks, gloves, sanitizer, surgery gowns) we will be limiting the surgeries we are accepting.

3. We may be required to limit hospital hours depending on staff availability…

please stay tuned.

4. Please contact your local emergency clinic if your cat requires immediate medical attention after hours.

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during

this time of uncertainty. Please stay safe and healthy.

MAIN CLINIC: 678-786-2287

CELL (during clinic hours only) 678-786-2288

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