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Pain Management 

Cats are very good at hiding pain. Common causes of pain in kitties includes dental pain, arthritis pain, bladder pain, abdominal pain, post-op surgical pain, eye disease, ear disease, skin disease. We often have to identify changes in behavior or subtle changes in their appearance to properly assess pain in our cats.

Unfortunately, the same drugs that work in people and even dogs can be fatal to cats, and many times older kitties have other disease processes present that must be taken into consideration when developing a pain management program. 

But all is not lost! We have many good options for keeping our patients as comfortable as possible. Pain management isn't optional at Feline Wellness Center. Our surgical patients receive a multi-modal approach to pain control, before, during and after a procedure. Every patient has a plan tailor made for him/her based on medical history, which may include local blocks to numb a surgical site, anti-inflammatory medication such as Onsior, laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, and now Solensia for cats with arthritis!

Our goal is to keep our patients as comfortable as possible, whether for a routine procedure, advanced dental work, or hospice and palliative care for kitty with a terminal illness. 

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