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Cancer is a reality cat owners often have to face. This is a scary thing to hear, but knowing that it can happen and early detection can make all the difference. Cats are prone to certain types of cancer, the most common forms being an oral cancer called squamous cell carcinoma (that often forms under the tongue), lymphoma (can present in many different ways - from bone marrow disorders to enlarged lymph nodes to masses in the abdomen to subtle intestinal thickening), sarcomas (often associated with injections, and have been linked to vaccination in certain cats. One of the many reasons we use PUREVAX adjuvent-free vaccines!).  

We are lucky to have so many treatment options for our feline patients. From surgery to chemotherapy to radiation. There are several board certified veterinary oncologists, radiation specialists and surgeons that we collaborate with in the event your kitty has a challenging form of cancer. However, we are also able to perform some forms of chemotherapy and cancer surgery here at Feline Wellness Center. 


Our goal is to try to make a diagnosis with the least invasive testing so we can provide you with as much information as possible (prognosis, treatment options, estimates for treatment). This may involve an ultrasound and aspirate, a local block with a small tissue biopsy, or fine needle aspirate and cytology prior to a full treatment plan. We will work with you to come up with the right treatment plan for you and your cat. We also understand that some clients may just want to make their kitty comfortable for as long as we can after a cancer diagnosis, and that is perfectly fine. We are all on the same team, and our goal is to for you to have a happy and pain free kitty for as long as possible. 

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