Feline Wellness Center is proud to offer state of the art diagnostics to our patients.


While we work with professional medical laboratories for routine testing, we recognize that many of our patients may come to us needing rapid diagnostics and treatment. We have partnered with IDEXX to furnish our in house lab - allowing us to run CBC's, chemistries, electrolytes, urine samples, thyroid levels, bile acids, combo (FeLV/FIV) tests, coagulation panels, screening pancreas FPL and Cardiac ProBNP tests in our clinic with results in under an hour.


We are the first clinic in Georgia to be able to offer same day cytology results with the new IDEXX Digital Cytology. This allows us to send in digital images of cells on slides online to a pathologist and have a report back in a few hours, instead of having to wait 3-5 days. 

Feline Wellness Center is also able to provide digital imaging with in-house ultrasound, endoscopy, digital dental x-rays, and lower dose radiation digital full body x-rays. We are able to send our images to a veterinary radiologist for review. 

When your cat is sick and you need answers quickly, we can help!