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 It's inevitable and happens to every cat... tartar build up and badbreath.  

During your cat's wellness exam, we will make sure to include an oral exam to check for plaque, tartar, gingivitis, damaged teeth, bad breath and any abnormal ulcers or lumps/bumps.  

A dental prophylaxis is also called COHAT, which stands for: 

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment

Cats must be anesthetized to have their teeth cleaned, but before this happens, we perform a physical exam and pre-operative blood tests to help identify any pre-existing problems.  

The teeth are cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler, polished to a smooth and shiny surface, then evaluated for inflammation, pockets, and other abnormalities.  

Dental x-rays are performed to look below the gumline,

where most dental disease occurs.  If there is a damaged

tooth, extraction is often (but not always) the best solution. 

If this is necessary, your pet will receive a numbing

injection as well, to provide additional pain relief.


It is an essential part of any dental program that x-rays be taken before and after extractions to make sure that all tooth parts are removed. 

Most of our patients are up & eating within an hour of their treatment!

Some cats experience extensive and painful oral disease that requires full mouth extractions.  

We perform many of these procedures and are able to finally give affected kitties some relief, and are excited to have added a new surgical laser to help these cats.     


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